Empowering children & transforming communities


Welcome to The Oasis Project, where we provide hope, education, and support to the people of Bakau in The Gambia, West Africa. Our mission is to empower and transform communities to create a self reliant and sustainable future. Join us in making a difference.

three school boys from Gahna

Giving hope & building futures


Our focus on self-reliance, sustainability, and empowering the community is helping to change lives in Bakau, West Africa. Here’s some of our aims and goals.

  • Providing healthcare & education
  • Self reliance and sustainability
  • Building a life saving storm drain
  • Working closely with community leaders, the government and schools

Sponsor a child & give them the gift of education


Every child deserves support and a fair start in life. By sponsoring a child’s education for just £20.00 per month, you can make a world of difference. That’s equivalent to the cost of roughly five cups of coffee.


Bin It, Don’t Drop It, Litter Can Kill Campaign

Our Litter Kills Bin It campaign in the early days spearheaded our successful campaign that resulted in the building of the life-saving storm drain built in 2019.


Tyre Recycling Project 

Did you know that old tires can be transformed into excellent plant and food planters? It’s a remarkable way to repurpose these discarded resources and contribute to sustainability.


The Starlight

Many would agree that, if nothing else, a child needs one crucial thing in their life to solidify equal opportunities: a well-rounded education. That’s where we step in.

“Imagine that you’ve been given hope; a rest from worry. The Oasis Project is that hope.”