Improving lives in Gambia since 2007


The Oasis Project was founded by Chris Hayter in 2007. After her initial visit to The Gambia in February 2006, she returned seven times that year, fostering a strong bond with the community of Bakau. Chris realised that she had a calling to make a difference in the lives of those who lacked a voice and were unable to recognise the opportunities available to them.


Lasting, positive transformation


The connection Chris experienced with the people of Bakau sparked a deep desire for lasting, positive transformation. Drawing on her personal beliefs and convictions, she felt compelled to take action and inspire the people she had connected with in Bakau. The outcomes of these efforts fuelled an enduring commitment to sustainable change that continues to be guided by a higher force.

The Oasis project is hope


Picture the following: You’re nine years old. You live in a small, close-knit village in Bakau, West Africa. Your father is slowly going blind and now you’re beginning to fall behind in school because you need to help support him.

What makes things worse: your school is beginning to suffer because they can’t afford to keep paying the teachers. Some leave because of this and some stay because they care a lot. It’s confusing. You like school, but now you must choose between it and your family.

What surrounds you at home isn’t much better. Plastic and waste in drains that should be taking away heavy rainwater. An environment that is pleading for a clean-up. Homes that aren’t fit to deal with the heat of the climate and other children that hunger during the days and nights without a break.

You need an Oasis. A break from the stress of your young life and an education that will sustain your future. A child shouldn’t have to worry about their schooling, and an adult shouldn’t have to worry about preventable blindness in the 21st century.

“What’s most important to us is self-reliance and sustainability.”

Now we need your help


Imagine that you’ve been given hope; a rest from worry. The Oasis Project is that hope. We’ve been improving lives in the Gambia since 2007. Now we need your help.

No child dreams of a life of poverty and suffering. We’re sure you agree that every child deserves a chance, at least, at an equal start. We help solidify these aspirations.

Not only do we help children get those essential sponsors, but we support and facilitate local projects in the Gambia. We do this while improving health and living conditions across the community.

What’s most important to us is self-reliance and sustainability. Think of the proverb: ‘If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime’. That’s exactly what we do. We teach and support the community of Bakau to fish for a lifetime. Fish for sustainability, their environment and their futures.

Our focus is this:

  • Supporting the community of Bakau, their health and their education
  • Helping people to improve their surroundings
  • Support community education and practical programmes

Sponsor a child & give them the gift of education


Every child deserves support and a fair start in life. By sponsoring a child’s education for just £20.00 per month, you can make a world of difference. That’s equivalent to the cost of roughly five cups of coffee.