Creating change, one project at a time


Explore our endeavors to protect the environment, improve health, and promote education through community involvement and sustainable practices. Discover our flagship success story, the Starlight School, providing quality education to children in Bakau.


Bin It, Don’t Drop It, Litter Can Kill Campaign


Our Litter Kills Bin It campaign in the early days spearheaded our successful campaign that resulted in the building of the life-saving storm drain built in 2019.

It kills adults, children, the environment and everyone’s morale. That’s why we’re committed to not only cleaning up Bakau but changing people’s minds about the effects of dumping litter on the ground or in the nearest street canal.

  • Cleaning up the environment
  • Reducing the cases of malaria and other diseases in the area, including avoidable eye infections and skin issues
  • Education for children from underprivileged families for generational empowerment

Tyre Recycling Project 


You probably wouldn’t think it, but tyres make excellent plant and food planters.

This is a real community participation project. From adults to children alike, all members of the community love getting their hands dirty. Children enjoy learning about turning common resources into something sustainable. Their faces light up when they turn an old car tyre into something beautiful and useful.

Want to help get involved with this project? A small donation goes incredibly far and keeps our projects going. £150 will deliver a workshop to 20 students and adults.


The Starlight School 


Many would agree that, if nothing else, a child needs one crucial thing in their life to solidify equal opportunities: a well-rounded education. That’s where we step in.

Starlight Nursery/Primary School is one of our main successes at the Oasis Project. We tuned nothing into a beacon of hope for hundreds of children in Bakau. Thanks to your support, the Starlight School is still up and running. Because of this, we’re able to educate children in Bakau to a high standard of education. We’re giving these children a hope that is grounded on a bright future. We believe that this is a model to systematically reduce poverty in this community and surrounding areas.

However, we still need your help. For every child in the area to receive an education, we need time, resources and money. In 2013, fundraising for the renovation was challenging, but we managed to raise £1600 for the cost of repair to start Starlight school.

There’s still some work left to do, however, and more funds to raise.