Songs from the musicals

A group of talented local musicians treated us to an amazing evening of songs from the musicals. We believe that they are the stars of the future. 

What an amazing fundraising event at St Mary’s Church Bletchley. Young musicians performed songs from musicals, to raise money for The Oasis Project (The Gambia.) All money raised will support Starlight Nursery and Primary School in the community of Bakau, The Gambia. It was lovely to see the young musicians at the forefront of this event. EVERY musician’s talent, passion and confidence shone through in the performance. A truly inspirational event. 

Thank you Joe Allen and Concept Theatre Group you did us proud! Thanks also to St Mary’s Church Bletchley for the venue. What a successful fundraiser too. We raised a total of £1016. Thank you to you all for your generosity and support. It means so much to The Oasis Project (The Gambia).